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02 2020


Mat 27:46-49 And about the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying, " Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? "that is," My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me? "  47 And some of those who were standing there, when they heard it, began saying, "This man is calling for...
04 2020

Prescott Conference 2020 Notes

AZ 2020 Notes   Reference: “The Life of David as Reflected in the Psalms” by Alexander Maclaren, 1888.   Summary of David’s life and the psalms that garnished it.   First, why did God give us David’s life in so much detail compared to others? God could have recorded anything He wanted in...
10 2020

The Prophet Series: Isaiah part 29 (chapters 36-37) - The conclusion to the Book of the King. He is the Rock and final word of history.

In Isa 6-12, God contended that divine grace would triumph over all the world and that the throne of David would reign unopposed with one King over all nations from God’s holy mountain, Zion. In Isa 13-27 explored the world as it then was, giving oracles concerning the nations that surrounded Israel as well an oracle for Israel herself. In...
20 2020

Family Surrounded by Fire

From Tuesday through Thursday, subsequent to having my mind impressed by glimpses of the news concerning the division that is widening in our world, both home and abroad, I later behold the few who attend evening Bible study, the same group class after class, who, when they come together, are full of laughter, love, unity; all of which proceeds from a love of God and His...
05 2020

Being Convinced

In our latest study, the good heart as depicted in the Sermon on the Mount, it is striking to take a sober and honest look at the characteristics of the life that Christ gave us. Blessed are you when you’re poor, hungry, persecuted for His sake. Love your enemies, lend and do not expect it back, be kind to the ungrateful, and do not judge. He is telling us to do what He did: to put...
01 2020

Vision: Imagery in the Bible

**We have completed the first section of Isaiah, The Book of the King, chapters 1-37. I have decided to take a break from that book and the prophets and write on some more topical things. Variety, I think, is a good thing.**   Lately I have been fascinated by imagery, not just in the Bible, of which there are tons, but also in mythology. Mythology is comprised of...
31 2020

The Prophet Series: Isaiah part 28 Chapters 33-35; Victory, judgment, proclamation, and pilgrimage.

This is the final of the six woes in this section (chapters 28-37). The emphasis is on a transformation of Zion, which in turn becomes a universal message for the history of mankind. God puts His spotlight on the children of Israel, and by that teaches all of us the reality of Him. As usual, I will include the text in this article, and although it...
06 2020

The Prophet Series: Isaiah part 27; Chapter 31-32: Deliverance and Renewal

There are six ‘woes’ in this section (chapters 28-37). 28:1 to the proud crown of the drunkards of Ephraim. 29:1 to Jerusalem (Ariel) because she draws near to God’s altar with words only and therefore Assyria will surround her. 29:15 to those who deeply hide their plans from the Lord. 30:1 to the rebellious children who execute a plan in human willfulness while rejecting...
11 2020

The Prophet Series: Isaiah part 26: Human faithlessness and the faithfulness of God; chapter 30.

Twenty-five extensive blogs and we’re still not at the half-way point of this monumental prophetic book.   Outline of part 1 of Isaiah: The Book of the King (Isa 1-37) The Preface (1-5) The Triumph of Grace (6-12) The Universal Kingdom (13-27) The Lord of History...
14 2020

The Prophet Series: Isaiah part 25; Chapters 28-29, part 2

Chapter 28 revealed the destruction of Israel as well as the future deliverance of the remnant of believers. We will see why these themes of judgment and deliverance are so often side by side. At the end of 28, two parables are given - sowing and reaping - upon which opened the question, would Jerusalem go the same way as Israel, or would she be spared. Chapter 29 answers that...
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